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R & D Center

Vika has strong R&D capabilities: starting from system requirements, the development of battery and vehicle technology and the combination of technology, it builds a full range of R&D systems for batteries, structures, simulation and BMS, and strives to build automobiles and energy storage products. We have 3 invention patents and 3 utility model patents. The company team is committed to providing high-efficiency energy for green and low-carbon applications through our advanced technology.

Quality Control

Vika established a strict quality control process to ensure that it provides customers with 100% satisfactory quality products, and strictly implements the document regulations and 5S management systems. The quality of the products meets the technical and quality standards of Germany, the United States, Italy and Asian countries. We supervise every process that affects quality.

Customized Service

You Need It, We Build It

We specialize in providing customized solutions for your specific needs. Based on 10 years of industry experience and 1,000 + customer cases, we can meet your various customization needs

Fill in the form below, our engineer will ensure you will have the most cost-efficient solution.

How We Work

  1. Confirm your exact needs
  2. Product development and design advice
  3. Raw Material Selection
  4. Cost Estimation
  5. Proofing
  6. Sample test
  7. Trial production
  8. Mass production
  9. Quality Control
  10. Packing & Shipping