AGV & AMR Lithium Battery

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) & Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) Lithium Batteries

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) & Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) Lithium Batteries have the advantages of high efficiency, portability, light weight and large capacity.
The equipment has higher requirements for current when it starts up instantly.The lithium battery components are attached with a protection board to protect the safe and normal operation of charging at any time to prevent accidents.When the battery temperature is abnormal, the temperature switch will act for temperature protection. When the temperature is normal, the temperature switch will automatically recover.

Lithium Battery Pack

24V 80Ah

Nominal capacity: 2.05kWh


Voltage  24V

Capacity  80Ah

Power  2.05KW

Energy  2.05kWh

Weight  20Kg

Housing(without tray in tray) (W*H*D)  400*170*200mm

Charger  25.6V50A

Battery Socket  RAMA120

24V 100Ah

Nominal capacity: 2.56kWh


Voltage  24V

Capacity  100Ah

Power  7.68KW

Energy  2.56kWh

Weight  28Kg

Housing(without tray in tray) (W*H*D)  320*200*250mm

Charger  25.6V100A

Battery Socket  RAMA320

24V 105Ah

Nominal capacity: 2.68kWh


Voltage  24V

Capacity  105Ah

Power  2.68KW

Energy  2.68kWh

Weight  25Kg

Housing(without tray in tray) (W*H*D)  400*170*250mm

Charger  25.6V50A

Battery Socket  RAMA120

48V 80Ah

Nominal capacity: 3.84kWh


Voltage  48V

Capacity  80Ah

Power  3.84KW

Energy  3.84kWh

Weight  42Kg

Housing(without tray in tray) (W*H*D)  400*300*200mm

Charger  48V50A

Battery Socket  RAMA120

48V 100Ah

Nominal capacity: 4.8kWh


Voltage  48V

Capacity  100Ah

Power  14.4KW

Energy  4.8kWh

Weight  50Kg

Housing(without tray in tray) (W*H*D)  320*400*250mm

Charger  48V100A

Battery Socket  RAMA320

48V 105Ah

Nominal capacity: 5.04kWh


Voltage  48V

Capacity  105Ah

Power  5.04KW

Energy  5.04kWh

Weight  47Kg

Housing(without tray in tray) (W*H*D)  400*300*250mm

Charger  48V50A

Battery Socket  RAMA120

What You Should Know of AGV Lithium Battery

Fast Charging

Safe smart charging, Recharge at any time, does not affect battery life

Maintenance Free

No need for a periodic charge and discharge battery maintenance. One-click checks the real-time status and health of the battery.

Low Energy Loss And High Energy Efficiency

Very low battery self energy loss causes no influence on battery performance and battery lifetime, and saves energy for customers.

Modulization Designing, Easy To Install

On-site installation can be finished within 30 minutes. Malfunctioning modules can be automatically detected by the system then to be easily replaced with good ones.

Environment Friendly

No heavy metal in the ingredient. No pollution caused by manufacturing and usage. It is environment-friendly battery product.

More Advantages to be found.

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