Advanced Lithium-ion Battery for Electric Forklifts

Forklift Pack Lithium-ion Battery Overview

Lithium ion batteries have become the new trend in the industry. Unlike the traditional lead acid battery, lithium batteries are substantially superior in its electrical characteristics, and as a result, will provide you with a greener and smarter energy solution. Its light weight and low maintenance fees makes them the preferred solution for electric forklift power supplies. Since lithium batteries supply the same voltage as lead acid batteries, there will be no modifications needed to be made to the electric forklift. Although the initial costs of replacement may be higher, the long-term benefits of a lithium battery’s performance will outweigh the costs. Vika lithium batteries will maintain 80% of its rated capacity after 2000 cycles. In other words, when the battery is new, your electric forklift can go up to 100 miles fully charged, and after 2000 cycles, your electric forklift will be able to go 80 miles fully charged.

Forklift Pack Lithium-ion Battery Series

24V 210Ah

Nominal capacity: 5.37kWh


Voltage 25.6V

Capacity  210Ah

Power  25.6V/5.37kWh

Energy 5.37kWh

Weight  65Kg

Housing(without tray in tray) (W*H*D)  320*310*220mm

Charger  24V100A

Battery Socket  SB175

48V 210Ah

Nominal capacity: 10.75kWh


Voltage 48V

Capacity  210Ah

Power  48V/10.75kWh

Energy 10.75kWh

Weight  130Kg

Housing(without tray in tray) (W*H*D)  620*310*220mm

Charger  48V100A

Battery Socket  SB350

48V 315Ah

Nominal capacity: 16.12kWh


Voltage 48V

Capacity  315Ah

Power  48V/16.12kWh

Energy  16.12kWh

Weight  200Kg

Housing(without tray in tray) (W*H*D)  950*310*220mm

Charger  48V100A

Battery Socket  SB350

48V 420Ah

Nominal capacity: 21.50kWh


Voltage 48V

Capacity  420Ah

Power  48V/21.5KWh

Energy  21.5kWh

Weight  260Kg

Housing(without tray in tray) (W*H*D)  620*310*500mm

Charger  48V100A

Battery Socket  SB350

48V 630Ah

Nominal capacity: 32.25kWh


Voltage 48V

Capacity  630Ah

Power  48V/32.25KWh

Energy  32.25kWh

Weight  400Kg

Housing(without tray in tray) (W*H*D)  950*310*500mm

Charger  48V200A

Battery Socket  SB350

What You Should Know of Lithium Forklift Battery

Fast Charging

Safe smart charging, Recharge at any time, does not affect battery life

Maintenance Free

No need for a periodic charge and discharge battery maintenance. One-click checks the real-time status and health of the battery.

Low Energy Loss And High Energy Efficiency

Very low battery self energy loss causes no influence on battery performance and battery lifetime, and saves energy for customers.

Modulization Designing, Easy To Install

On-site installation can be finished within 30 minutes. Malfunctioning modules can be automatically detected by the system then to be easily replaced with good ones.

Environment Friendly

No heavy metal in the ingredient. No pollution caused by manufacturing and usage. It is environment-friendly battery product.

More Advantages to be found.

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