Sightseeing Vehicle

This model is one of our electric utility cars with the cargo box, it’s built based on an electric passenger car by removing the rear seats and adding a cargo box there, in the same time, cut the roof shorter to make it convenient to take in and out cargos to/from the cargo box.

This car can be used in hotels, resorts, villages, gardens, parks, campuses, airports, stations, big factories, ranches, etc. for maintenance purposes or cargo-carrying purposes!

We have upgraded the cabin and control, can have a variety of functions (loading cargo and tools, etc) and use the latest lithium battery technology and equipped with all-weather Battery and vehicle monitoring and data collection.


Width 1490mm

Length 5020mm

Height 2040mm

Rated Crew 14

Driving Range 100km

Maximum Grade ≥20%

Unique Features

Powertrain Strength

A two-cylinder, 1000cc, OHC engine, stronger clutch and smoother drivetrain tackle demanding jobsite conditions.

All-Steel Job Box

Dump cargo with the touch of a button and haul a fully loaded pallet, thanks to a generous 18 cubic feet of cargo space.

Chassis and Suspension

A one-piece chassis and independent rear suspension offers rigidity in the toughest work environments.


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