Electric Patrol Vehicle

The Vika electric patrol car is a model specially designed and developed for police law enforcement personnel. The model is divided into two types: ordinary police vehicles and enclosed police vehicles. On the basis of these two types, it can be Divided into the general type and luxury type.

The electric patrol car is especially suitable for public security patrols, pedestrian streets, golf courses, tourist attractions, large enterprises, government agencies, universities, hospitals, stations, airports, etc.

The batteries used in these electric patrol cars have the characteristics of large capacity, light weight, long life, fast charging, high safety, high efficiency, etc. The appearance of the car is beautiful, the space is practical, and the operation is convenient. It is popular for domestic public security and urban management. use.


Width 1550mm

Length 4150mm

Height 1350mm

Rated Crew 5

Driving Range 70km

Maximum Grade ≥20%

Unique Features

Powertrain Strength

A two-cylinder, 1000cc, OHC engine, stronger clutch and smoother drivetrain tackle demanding jobsite conditions.

All-Steel Job Box

Dump cargo with the touch of a button and haul a fully loaded pallet, thanks to a generous 18 cubic feet of cargo space.

Chassis and Suspension

A one-piece chassis and independent rear suspension offers rigidity in the toughest work environments.


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