Electric Bus Lithium Batteries

Bus Lithium Batteries

Electric buses, cars, may someday replace internal-combustion-engine vehicles. Vika Lithium batteries for vehicles have the pronounced figures-Weights and costs less, Takes up less space on the vehicle, Generates fewer greenhouse gases, Takes less time to charge.

Bus Lithium Battery Pack

24V 210Ah

Nominal capacity: 5.37kwh


48V 210Ah

Nominal capacity: 10.75kwh


48V 315Ah

Nominal capacity: 16.12kwh


48V 420Ah

Nominal capacity: 21.50kwh


24V 210Ah

Capacity: 210Ah



Nominal capacity: 5.37kwh


What You Should Know of Lithium Bus Battery

Fast Charging

Safe smart charging, Recharge at any time, does not affect battery life

Maintenance Free

No need for a periodic charge and discharge battery maintenance. One-click checks the real-time status and health of the battery.

Low Energy Loss And High Energy Efficiency

Very low battery self energy loss causes no influence on battery performance and battery lifetime, and saves energy for customers.

Modulization Designing, Easy To Install

On-site installation can be finished within 30 minutes. Malfunctioning modules can be automatically detected by the system then to be easily replaced with good ones.

Environment Friendly

No heavy metal in the ingredient. No pollution caused by manufacturing and usage. It is environment-friendly battery product.

More Advantages to be found.

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