24V Lithium-ion Batteries

Benefit of Lithium-ion 24V Batteries

Powerful and Reliable

Vika LifePO4 batteries are nearly 4 times as powerful as SLA and can provide more time of use.

Integrated Bluetooth 5.0 Monitoring

You have all important battery data always on your smartphone or tablet. The application displays the data in real time.

Saving Money

Only cost $0.30 per cycle, while SLA costs $0.70 per cycle.


Only 1/3 the weight of the same SLA battery.

Integrated BMS

To allow the control and the charge of the different elements of an accumulator battery and to protect it against overcharging, overvoltages and overheating.


The battery management system (BMS) provides comprehensive protection to the battery and manages the charging/discharging process wisely.

24V LiFePO4 Battery

24V 200Ah

Nominal energy: 5.12kwh


24V 100Ah

Nominal energy: 2.56kwh


24V 50Ah

Nominal energy: 1.28kwh