Lithium-ion Motive Power Battery

Electric Forklift / Industrial Lift Truck Batteries

Forklift lithium batteries are fast-charged on electric forklifts, and the advantages such as long working hours and long service life are becoming more and more prominent. It can be used for various storage purposes.

Golf Cart Lithium Batteries

Golf carts need to maintain a certain strength and speed on any course terrain, so the battery of golf carts is very important. Compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries are smaller in size and lighter in weight. It can reduce the weight and overall wear of the golf cart.

Sightseeing Vehicle Lithium Batteries

Sightseeing vehicles are mostly used in tourist attractions, and the battery is required to be environmentally friendly and pollution-free. Lithium batteries are small in size and light in weight, fulfilling the requirements of lightweight vehicles.

Bus Lithium Batteries

Electric buses, cars, may someday replace internal-combustion-engine vehicles. Vika Lithium batteries for vehicles have the pronounced figures-Weights and costs less; Takes up less space on the vehicle; Generates fewer greenhouse gases; Takes less time to charge.

Automated Guided Vehicles & Autonomous Mobile Robot Lithium Batteries

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) & Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) Lithium Batteries have the advantages of high efficiency, portability, lightweight and large capacity.
The equipment has higher requirements for current when it starts up instantly. The lithium battery components are attached with a protection board to protect the safe and normal operation of charging at any time to prevent accidents. When the battery temperature is abnormal, the temperature switch will act for temperature protection. When the temperature is normal, the temperature switch will automatically recover.