The Electric vehicles exported to Southeast Asia


Vika’ vehicles: how to choose the one that meets your needs!
There are several differences between standard electric cars and Vika’ professional electric vehicles. The first thing you notice is the quality of the materials used, which are much stronger and high performing that those used to manufacture standard electric cars. Vika’ vehicles are designed and built to cope with any work activities, from the more demanding ones required in industry, to those in urban transport and business. With their high performing electric motor and compact size, these vehicles can reach very difficult areas with uneven road surfaces, very steep gradients and narrow streets.
The historic centres of our wonderful cities are an excellent example: transport in these areas is undeniably difficult, especially if you have to move heavy materials and equipment.
Vika’ electric vehicles, professional electric vehicles, designed for use in the harshest and most demanding conditions, are currently used in over 40 countries worldwide and have been operating for years in critical environments, like the freezing temperatures of Northern Europe or the extreme temperatures of desert areas.

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